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Dr Chin has given me pain relief in my back in three short sessions. I found the book easy reading and a must if you want to change the way you excerise and sit in front of a computer.”

Jenny – September, 2010 – Financial Councellor, Fremantle

It is so practical! I like the emphasis on good posture.  Prevention of low back pain problems is outlined. Thank you.”

Sandra – September, 2009 – Spouse of chronic back sufferer

An extremely useful, original piece of work with well laid out diagrams and instructions to keep your back pain-free. Everyone interested in preserving their backs should read this and recommend it to their friends.”

Dr Serene Lim – April 2009 – GP

  • Detailed index – can quickly locate information.
  • Good mix of medical information & practical applications featuring everday activities.
  • (Ticks & crosses) key provides clear & concise information.
  • Glossary of relevant medical terms.
  • No special equipment needed for exercises.
  • Compact, slimline format making it easily transportable.”

Pam – March 2009 – Chronic Back Pain Sufferer

I have found the core muscle strengthening excerise on page 34 particularly effective.  Excellent graphics and presentation.”

Don – March 2009 – Company Director

A lot of the activites featured one does without thinking, however now I’m aware of the potential consequences will think about beforehand. The 7 critical things and applying the ‘Airbag’ technique and ‘Siesta’ stretch. Great Job, Chris!”

Graham – March 2009 – Back pain sufferer

The concept of hip/rib impingement almost seems common sense.  Adopting the airbag idea has been very helpful where proper posture is not possible.  I have found the breathing and stretching excerises very relaxing.  The book shows you how to go about daily chores in a safe way.  I am reading it for the 3rd time.”

Anne – February 2009Recreational yachtie and professional gardener

The book explains why I get back pain and empowers me to do what is right to manage my chronic back pain. It has become my ‘go to’ reference on understanding how I can help myself.”

Philip – December 2008 – Chronic back pain sufferer

It all makes sense and is very easy to understand.”

Janece – December 2008

This book is ‘user-friendly.’ While it is obviously the result of scientific research, the reader is able to ascertain the best way to alleviate pain. Having the actual photographs makes it easier still.”

Margaret – December 2008 – Chronic back sufferer

Wonderful to have a book that anyone can understand. The text, illustrations and photos are clear, concise and very easy to understand and follow. Even children could follow this easy step book. In fact they should! So many of us suffer back pain, yet we often worsen our condition unknowingly, with painful results. These tips and exercises really do work. I feel the positive effects and suffer less pain.”

Deanne – November 2008 – Dip Reflexology and chronic back sufferer

Lots of illustrations on correct/incorrect postures in a range of daily activities. Very helpful, especially in highlighting areas where I wasn’t even aware of bad posture. The quick reference format makes it easy to pick up and remind myself how to correct my posture. The simple strengthening exercises and stretches will start me off on the road to recovery without a daunting, strenuous exercise regime. Great!!”

Angela – November 2008 – Chronic back pain sufferer

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