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Q I have to sit bent forward when I am sailing in a yacht, how can I prevent my ribs from hitting my hips? 

Sometimes when you have no choice but to sit bent forward then you can minimize Hip Rib Impingement by continuously doing the Airbag Technique as described on page 23 and practice the Posture Breathing as described on page 24 whenever you can.

Q I spend a lot of time driving and flying long distances between sporting events and feel that it is not convenient to get up off my seat every 20 minutes. I often feel fatigued and not able to perform at my best after long trips. 

You should try to perform the Airbag Technique as described on page 23 for approximately 5 minutes after 15 minutes of sitting and at the end of your journey, do the Siesta Stretch as described on page 51.

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