Practitioner’s Guide

This book is based on my discovery over 20 years ago that hip rib impingement is the primary cause of a chain reaction that ultimately leads to back pain. This idea was revolutionary at the time and was able to explain how people get back pain, why they have flare-ups and why the pain usually returns even after surgery. It also explains how the back develops lesions such as myofascial trigger points, disc protrusions, osteoarthritis or degeneration of the joints. It also contributes to the development of sciatica, scoliosis, short leg syndrome and piriformis syndrome.

Apart from providing my patients with pain relief with the use of Laser acupuncture and analgesia, I have been telling them how back pain starts using the CHRIS Theory of how back pain starts. By educating them about  posture, the way the move and how they go about their work, their exercises and every aspect of their daily lives I have been more successful in helping them overcome their back problems. Patients have been giving me a lot of feedback on which exercises give them relief and which exercises or movements stir up their back pain. This helps me develop my theory further enabling me to give better pain relief.